Helpful Resources & Models 

 This page is dedicated to help you benefit from some of the resources and content we have released publicly.  

We have collate all of these models into one place for ease of reference.

It will also mean that you can come back anytime as we continue to add content here over time. 


3 - Way Financial Models

Monte-Carlo Simulation for 3-way model

3-way Banking financial model converted into an App

Demo Financial Model - Xero Integrated

FMI - Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Exam Solution


Operational and other models

      Modeloff -  Precise Debt Modeling Solution

            Property Valuations              Modeling

Yield Curve Simulation Excel Model & Automated Commentary

Daily Gantt chart for 2 or more teams built in Modano

Modeling Visualisation - First Basic Modeler Project Demo

Hedging Policy Tool & Simulation for Foreign Exchange Risk


Complex integrated PowerBI Models

PowerBI 3-Way Monte Carlo simulation visualisation model



Smart Profit & Loss Pivot and slicers (multi tracking code, multi entity, multi currency)