Future of Finance

We hosted a 3 hour CPD training course in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the Future of Finance and discussed aspects of Financial Modelling, Finance Business Partnering and the technology that is changing the way we add value.

We had such great feedback that we decided to give others access to this learning and more importantly experience what it means to be part of better decision making and adding value, which is the essence of Finance Business Partnering.

The outline of the course covered 4 major component parts.

  1. Interactive Poll

  2. What is driving the future?

  3. What does the Finance Team of the future look like and how do we get there?

  4. Experience the future of Finance.

Part 1 - Interactive Poll

We provided a reality check for participants on where we are today which was based on their live responses and we also reviewed the results of prior polls from other participants of our Future of Financial Modelling and other workshops held around the world. We also recently released some of these results in our Essential Toolkit for CFOs.

Part 2 - What is driving the Future?

This is a really important part of our understanding of what lies ahead. In this session we get a deeper appreciation of where we have been and how did we get to where we are today? How will those changes that we have seen to date shape the future that that is moving at a faster pace? We will also discuss topics that most Finance professionals are blissfully unaware of.

Part 3 - What does the Finance Team of the future look like and how do we get there?

This is the next major step that we need to take. Once we understand what is driving the change, we then assess the core components of our new digitised finance team. But what does that actually mean? What does Finance Transformation look like and what are the steps we might want to take to start that journey? It’s not always about the tools or tech but much broader than that.

Part 4 - Experience the future of Finance.

  • Participants of the workshop were able to engage first hand on the challenges we have today in decision making and see how this might be possibly solved in the future with a live interactive decision making tool that is visually appealing. The ability to shape the discussions and interactions live in the moment is hugely valuable. Now you get to see what they saw.

Future Proofing your Firm with Financial Modelling

Accountants are sick and tired of reading articles and social media posts about the death of compliance and tax work and ‘digital disruption’ of the profession.

This recorded webinar will focus on the opportunity for accounting firms to thrive by developing high-end advisory tools and associated skills around financial modelling.

This practical session will demonstrate how this approach can deliver outcomes and analysis as good as those produced by leading investment banks and consultancy firms with only a small investment of time and money.