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 We break down complex things to make them simple for you to understand.

We break down complex things to make them simple for you to understand.

The following is a summary of the workshops and training provided by Model Citizn to Finance professionals. These include both face to face in classroom workshops as well as virtual interactive and recorded training for anyone in the world.


With the use of the latest technology we are able to bring you the best opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you.


 financial modeling insitutite (FMI) accreditation

We have developed a web-enabled training course which includes both recorded and live interactive practical learning. We bring our experience from face to face workshops to you digitally and personalized.

Learn how to build 3-way models from scratch and prepare for a 4 hour exam to attain the recently developed financial modeling accreditation.

Future of Financial Modeling

Future of financial modeling

We have delivered the future of financial modeling training to over 300 finance profesionals for the Modeloff Global Training Camps in HK and Sydney, across the eastern states for The Outperformer and across the global with other training organisation.

Following successful feedback we have decided to offer this workshops for in-house training and exploring the global tour, bringing FOFM to your country.

If you are looking at ways to keep your team ahead of the curve in financial modeling reach out to us and find out more below of upcoming events.

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rolling and interactive 3-way cash flow modeling course using any cloud accounting package

We have recently delivered training to CFOs and accountants looking to develop and automate rolling forecasts for their any accounting packages (cloud and on premises) e.g. Xero, QBO, Hyperion, SAP etc

We have also enabled a number of clients leverage this technology and gain significant cost benefits and value from a 3-way integrated Excel model. 

Contact us to find out more details.