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lance rubin

Lance has a strong reputation throughout the industry of being a highly accomplished and lateral thinking financial modeler.  He has also been referred to, by a leader in the industry, as the most tech savvy financial modeler.  

His ability to distill complex financial problems into meaningful and insightful models has made him highly sought after and led him to founding Model Citizn. 

As an ex- Investment Banker, CFO of a fintech and a contractor to the KPMG Financial Modelling team, Lance's wealth of knowledge and breadth of 2 decades experience is impressive .

Lance has worked in the property, banking and fintech sectors across a diverse range of corporates and governments. Most notably is his work across a range of diverse social benefit bond programs with various state governments focused at youth recidivism, homelessness and chronic illness.

Lance is also a qualified chartered accountant (CA) and A+ certified Modano  partner.



DR Warren mellor

Warren has fifteen years banking experience in Quantitative Risk Management spanned across Treasury, Markets and Risk.

His most recent focus has been on executive reporting for front-office trading and treasury portfolios at the NAB.

He has also provided quantitative solutions to Barclays in London and Westpac in Sydney.

Warren is a passionate quantitative developer and has built and validated numerous banking and engineering models, holding a line of sight from prototype design to production release.

Prior to banking he undertook a postdoctoral research fellowship in the UK consulting through to corporates on sustainable technologies.

Warren is leading Model Citizn’s RPA, automation, advanced analytics, machine learning and modeling capability.