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This is a collection of various podcasts, audio clips and discussions on key aspects of Financial Modeling and how it can be used to help you succeed in your career or business.

Excel is DEAD !

Following much heated debates online, fakenews, software company bashing and a challenge to debate the topic Chris Argent and Lance Rubin took to a few rounds to spar it out.

Enjoy the discussion or listen in on your phone.

Financial Modelling Postcast

Lance had the privelege of being the first guest to the newly launched podcast on Financial Modelling run by Matthew Bernath.

Matthew is a professional financial modeler and expert in the field and had some great questions around the future prospects of the financial modeler.

Listen in to hear more about what it means for those entering into the sector and wanting to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges in Financial Modelling.

best on ground discussion

David discusses the debate that Chris & Lance had and qualified for a best on ground.

This was certainly an interesting take on Excel for small businesses and CFOs to small business,


David interviews Lance to really understand the differences between Analytics and Financial Modeling. Also explain the value that Financial Modeling can bring to business owners, advisors and financial mentors.


Andrew Codd interviews Lance to help people understand the benefits of learning financial modeling and the practical steps people can take to embrace it in their careers.


Andrew Codd interviews 5 guest mentors on getting out of the comfort zone to challenge ourselves and the status quo.

SequelCFO hosted discussion on AI

Open discussion with Public Sector CFOS and Accountants on AI, Hype and Business Outcomes. The discussion also included an expert in AI from Monash University.

Conversation with Lance Rubin – Founder of Model Citizn and CFO of Banjo

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Lance Rubin, Founder of Model Citizn and CFO of Banjo.

He’s one of the best financial modellers out there, but what he talks about is strategy. Smart financial modelling for any business is strategic for the future of any business, whether its a sole operator or startup, through to an SME or even large organisation. To stay relevant…to ensure you don’t get left behind.

And let’s be honest, cashflow keeps that concept very real. So we talk about this a bit. But we talked at length about banks, and why the culture inside them make a tsunami moment for our economy inevitable.