Future of Financial Modeling (FOFM)

World Tour

If you would like to register your interest in your city, click the link below to the Future of Financial Modeling World Tour. 

Workshop Overview

The FOFM course is intended to enable participants to gain practical (hands-on) experience in developing the following key skills that they can implement in their roles straight away:

  1. Excel Automation (without any VBA coding)

  2. Overview of Financial Modeling Standards, shortcut keys and functions

  3. Advanced Financial Modeling Techniques like multi-dimensional scenario management and Monte Carlo simulation

  4. Re-using work done in Excel with an advanced content management system (CMS) inside Excel

  5. Building a 3-way interactive model connected to Hyperion/SAP (or any ERP really) for quick rolling forecasting capability

  6. Visualisation and a dynamic interactive presentation of model assumptions and outputs live

  7. Visual influencing and collboration by making a spreadsheet unbreakable and useable in a mobile app. Invite others to use your model with no coding required.

Course material and software is provided which includes solutions and practical models along with a course book with step by step screen shots for practicing and refreshing post the training.

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We have helped many individuals and teams save a significant amount of time so that they can add more value to their customers.

Don't be a slave to the process, we can help you master it during this course without learning coding.

Automate the building, rolling and maintaining of 3-way financial models.

Below is a blog we wrote on how its possible to achieve signficant time savings so that you can be a better Finance Business Partner.

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Financial Modeling & Problem solving

As an authorised training provider to the Financial Modeling Instititue we can help people develop their financial modeling skills, whilst problem solving some of the most complex business issues.

Some pre-exam material for our Advanced Financial Modeler coaching and training package is included in the FOFM course.

We recently submitted a solution to the FMI sample model which is available free to download here.

Below is also a link to other models we have built which you can download.

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tactile visual influencing

Ever thought what is next? Surely making decisions in spreadsheets will change.

We love our Excel financial models, but there is now an even better way to leverage the same power of flexibility and modeling.

Excel is still your decision making engine, but we can show you how to use tacticle experiences to engage your stakeholders or customers in a way that you would not believe.

Like Tom Cruise flips through information and makes informed decisions, now you can too with simple tacticle gestures.

If you want to experience this, come along and feel it first hand !

Our Future of Financial Modeling Videos


This is the first in a series of videos we will be publishing on the upcoming global tour for the Future of Financial Modeling.

A slightly deeper indepth look at the FOFM course. In this segment we explore some of the better dynamic visuals that Modeler has on offer. This include trasparency on cashflow having regard to various rounds of capital raising. Great for start-ups.
Future of Financial Modeling introduction to the 3 day workshop to be held in Johannesburg from the 29th Oct - 31st Nov 2018. The video covers the key content we will cover during that 3 jam packed hands on days of training.

Read below some of our past blogs to get a deeper understanding of what its all about.