Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) Exam Preparation Course

overview of financial modeling standards, shortcut keys and functions including tips and tricks on building a model from scratch.

coaching on a model built by the participant which will be based on assumptions that will be provided prior to the session. In the session the results in the model and general feedback on the model will be provided.

a review of a mock exam model will be completed based on the actual requirements in the FMI exam. Similar to the prior session only this is based on the actual exam question. The conclusion of this session will also include a demonstration of some of the cutting-edge technologies in Financial Modelling.


Practical application and model review

Review of mock exam submission

Financial Modelling In-house Training

• Introduction to financial modelling including but not limited to standards, design concepts, tips, tricks and shortcut keys.

• Future of financial modelling (where is modelling heading). This covers some of the most advanced modelling technologies used currently including automation in model building.

• Introduction to key financial and investment metrics and terms (XIRR, MIRR, NPV, DSCR, ICR, NPV, ROI, CFADS, PLCR, LVR, ROE,etc)

• Practical application of some of the above concepts in a model build process solving generic financial and business problems tailored to the organization.

• Open discussion on challenges currently and reducing errors in models.

• Building a scenario manager and Monte Carlo simulation into the above model to allow more advanced modelling techniques and presenting various scenarios.

• Demonstrate given the work done how might a model be built with high speed and accuracy using cutting edge technologies.

• Introduction to Excel add-in technologies and visualization technologies

• Present some advanced financial modeling visualization which aids in better decision making on complex projects and better collaboration around those decisions with key stakeholders, without opening Excel.