WHY training?

We strongly believe that the greatest value we can add is by assisting organisations, employees and business owners better understand how the cogs of their business turn hard work into cash.

Cashflow modeling has now become a vital tool to success. There are currently very few cash flow forecasts that are based on a 3 way financial model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement) given the time and complexity to balance a balance sheet and maintain it.

We enable people to develop their skills by using the latest in financial modeling technology and software. 

where can I try before I buy?

We have presented to global audiences and in webinars. Below are some examples of these:

Meaningful Financial Modeling - Your path to success webinar with the Outperformer.

Modeloff Global Training Camps - Intensive training programs for Emerging Finance and Business leaders.

Hong Kong Global Training Camp - Learn and experience the Future of Financial Modeling.

Take a closer look at our free online training material.

Stay tuned for more training material coming out soon.