Accountants, bookkeepers, business advisors and the financial services sector in general is facing significant disruption through automation and software.

The creation of cloud based accounting and potential straight through processing of tax and compliance matters means that accountants have to find new revenue streams to replace this business risk.

All businesses are looking for more value (at a lower cost) from their finance function or accountant.

It is possible to do both with the help of Model Citizn. 

We provide Financial Modelling training and strategic support to future proof their firms.


We can help by transforming your finance operations and reporting into a robust rolling financial model that adds significant value to your client relationships.

We can assist by training your staff to operate and roll forward these models including being able to provide high quality business advisory services.

We already help a number of accounting firms which to date have managed to lower the risk of disruption by offshoring core tax and compliance tasks thereby reducing costs.

As the entire industry catches up, cost arbitrage will no longer be a competitive advantage and the delivery of high quality advisory services will be seen as a vital component to any accountant's toolkit.

We are able to train them on this vital skill of financial modelling to lower the impact of technology on their business.