We help you navigate good and bad times by providing strategic insights and advice through education and developing the highest quality financial tools.


Our Mission

To help our clients make Relevant, Informed and Purposeful decisions with Insight.

We do this by providing advice and strategic thinking through education and building the highest quality financial models, no matter where you are in the world.

Model Citizn is at the intersection of finance and technology. To compete in the sharing economy, businesses need meaningful data about their performance in real time. And they want to access that data anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days of paying consultants and waiting months for financial analysis that has a shelf life of one reporting period. With Model Citizn you’ll know more about your business than you ever imagined possible, and in record time. And the price will surprise you. Soon enough you won’t know how you lived without it.
— Omer Molad, Head of Balance Sheet Solutions, National Australia Bank

HOW can WE help you?

Starting your business

1. Given my target market, customers, staff and setup costs how long will it take to be viable if I cannot predict the future? 

2. What are my future cash flow needs of my business?

3. What is the optimal price for my products and services?


Operating your business

1. Why am I making profit but not generating a lot of cash? 

2. Where are there opportunities to be more efficient (cost vs income)?

3. Which products, services and suppliers cost me more to keep than I can afford?

Growing your business

1. If I expanded my products and business  locations when and what impact will this have and how do I fund it?

2. What would the financial  impact be if the new business expansion took an extra 6 months to be viable?

3. Which one of the multiple options I have for expansion are more likely be successful?


Exiting your business

1. What is my business valued at today? 

2. What is the price that I can sell different portions of my business if I wanted to retain some ongoing interest?

3. Am I better off investing in other assets or is my business giving me an appropriate return compared to the risk and returns of other asset classes?